Trusted partners

    Hear from our trusted partners, we pride ourselves on our relationship with our referring partners. To refer to our practice click the button below.

      Dr Nathan Wright, Kings Road Dental Practice:

      I have worked with Liam for 15 years, referring all of my implant cases to him. Over the years we have planned and completed many cases, and under Liam’s supervision I have gained the knowledge and confidence to restore single and multiple unit cases. Not only does Liam provide an exceptional high standard of clinical and surgical dentistry, but the patients return following treatment praising the excellent patient care that Liam and his amazing team provide. I look forward to working with Liam for many years to come.”

      Dr Liz Hazlehurst, Hall Green Dental Practice:

      “I have been referring my patients for implant placement to Liam for over 15 years, They have had nothing but praise for Liam and his excellent team. He is also very willing to provide whatever help and guidance I may need as the restoring dentist. I would wholeheartedly recommend Liam to any patient or Dentist.”

          Dr James Kerwick, Orchard Dental Practice:

          “Liam's high standard of work has been a real benefit to my patients over many years. I know they will be looked after by his team and I have great support from them all. Having Liam on hand to help with treatment planning, and his team supporting my patients through their treatment, has allowed me to increase the range of treatments I carry out.

            Dr Kathryn & Shaun Seddon, Bromborough dental practice:

            “We have worked in conjunction with Liam and his team for over 10 years providing implants for our patients. His experience and knowledge are invaluable. Referrals are straightforward and any queries or problems are dealt with as soon as possible. We have no hesitation in recommending Liam and his team in providing an implant service.”

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