Multiple dental implants

Dental implants can be used to securely anchor replacement teeth, leaving you with a new smile that looks and feels so natural, you will forget the teeth are not your own. Each missing tooth does not necessarily require an individual implant to replace it. Often a more stable and cost-effective approach is to place an implant at either end of the 'tooth gap' and bridge across the implants with a dental bridge. The chewing function is then restored with a minimum number of implants

Dental implant technology alleviates the need to damage these healthy teeth, instead anchoring your bridge to implants, bonded with your jaw. 

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Case study - Multiple dental implants


Mc Grath Multiple Implants Kc Before 1


Mc Grath Multiple Implants Kc After 1


Mc Grath Multiple Implants Before 2


Mc Grath Multiple Implants After 2

Benefits of multiple implants: 

  • It’s a straightforward process which can be completed under local anaesthetic
  • The implant will provide a solid support for your replacement tooth
  • Alleviates the need to file down the neighbouring healthy teeth, in order to attach the bridge in place 
  • Your bridge is anchored to your implants which bonded with your jaw.

    The process

    Temporary replacement teeth are usually fitted at the same time as your implant placement, which will stay in place until the final restoration appointment at McGrath Dental. Once your jaw has healed, an abutment will be fixed to the implant to hold your replacement teeth (crown or bridge) in place. 

    Abutments are produced in titanium, gold or porcelain, and can come as a standard fit or crafted specifically for you. These options offer a range of aesthetics results, depending on your requirements.

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        Multiple Dental Implants

        This patient wished to have a fixed solution for missing teeth. Multiple implants to replace missing teeth with a combination of upper and lower implant and tooth supported replacements

        Click on the arrows to view treatment before and afters. 

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