Dental fillings in Wirral

When you visit for a check-up, we use a small inspection mirror to assess the surface of your teeth, looking for signs of decay or little cracks and fissures. They will let you know as soon as they see anything that might require treatment or ‘filling’. 

The process is straightforward and often only requires one or two appointments. Once your dental therapist has assessed the area that requires treatment, they will clear out any decay before filling the clean cavity with a material of your choice. 

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What are the benefits? 

A small filling is a lasting preventative solution 

By closing up the gap, your dental therapist is preventing bacteria from getting in and preserving your tooth in the least invasive way. 

A filling far outweighs a root canal treatment, which can be the result of extensive decay.

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    What kind of fillings are available?

    There are a number of different materials that can be used to fill a hole in your tooth. Indirect fillings are those that require a couple of visits to McGrath Dental as the tooth is treated with a tailormade filling that has to be crafted to your needs in a dental laboratory before fitting. 

    Direct fillings are those that can be applied in one sitting, or chairside. White or tooth coloured options prove to be the most popular of these options as they remain the quickest and most natural-looking of the options – no one can tell that you’ve had a filling.

    Here at McGrath Dental & Implant Clinic we offer a number of different fillings that will be recommended for your personal needs. Should you require a filling, your dental therapist will discuss with you the different options available and best advise on the most suitable for you and your teeth.

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