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At McGrath Dental we pride ourselves in helping our patients through their journey to a better smile.

Same day teeth 

Same day teeth, or more commonly known teeth in a day, is a process offered at McGrath Dental in Hoylake where patients can have implants placed and fully functioning teeth attached in the space of one day. 

Same day smile can be a solution for missing teeth, uncomfortable dentures and are the next best thing to natural teeth. 

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Multiple dental implants

This patient had implants placed and an implant Bridge to replace an old bridge for the upper central teeth. 

Dental implants can be used to securely anchor replacement teeth, leaving your with a new smile that looks and feels so natural. 

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Implant secured dentures

This is a brilliant case! This patient's bite has been corrected with two implants supporting an implant bridge for the upper teeth and for the lower teeth the patient had 'Same Day Teeth' treatment.

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If you are missing several teeth dentures could be a solution.

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