Soft Tissue Gum Graft

Another procedure that we perform is soft tissue “gum” grafts. These are typically indicated for patients who have inadequate gum tissue surrounding the teeth, typically a result of gum disease or trauma to the gum tissue.

We harvest donor tissue (connective tissue graft) from the mouth and transplant it to the affected tooth. The gum graft is placed it over the exposed tooth or root and allowed time to heal.

The success rate of gum graft procedures is entirely dependent on the patient, the shape and extent of the gum recession and the post-op care. Healing will be compromised in smokers or tobacco users.

This patient had localised gum recession as a result of orthodontic treatment (braces). The exposed tooth root was causing extreme tooth sensitivity. We performed a gum graft to cover the exposed tooth and improve the appearance and overall health of the patient’s smile.








before gum receeding
After gum receeding correction