White Fillings

What is a White Filling?

White fillings are made from a material called Composite which is bonded to the tooth. White fillings come in a variety of tooth coloured shades and we will always aim to match any filling treatments to the natural tooth shade, helping to upkeep the appearance of your smile.

At McGrath Dental, our Dental Therapists generally complete all filling treatments. Any decay will be removed and then they will shape the filling material to look like a tooth and ensure that your teeth can still bite together as normal.

You may require a white filling as a result of:

  • Tooth decay
  • Replacing old/existing discoloured or silver (amalgam) fillings
  • To fill the access point of root canal treatment (although generally patients are advised to crown this tooth as it is weakened)
  • Composite Veneers are made from white filling material (please refer to the Veneers section of our website for more information)


How many appointments will I need for a white filling?

No matter the size of the filling, this should only take one appointment. However, the length of the appointment will depend on the complexity of the filling such as tooth size or accessibility.

Your Dental Therapist will use a local anaesthetic to numb the tooth area requiring the filling. A small drill will be used to remove any decay, bacteria and debris in the filling area. The white filling material will be placed in layers. In between layers, the material will need to be set into position using a light cure. Once the layering is complete, your Dental Therapist will shape and polish the tooth giving a natural result.

As with any dental treatment there are risks and over time your white filling may need replacing, you can discuss this with one of our Dentists, Dental Therapists or Treatment Coordinators if you are considering this type of treatment.

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