Edge Bonding

What is Edge Bonding?

Edge bonding is a cosmetic procedure using a material called Composite (white filling material) and is matched to your natural tooth shade to give a natural appearance. This treatment normally used for teeth that you can see within your smile; the composite material is used with a specialist technique to build up the biting surface of teeth with minimal removal of tooth.

Why would I need Edge Bonding?

  • To build up teeth that have been worn down either because of acid erosion or teeth grinding
  • To make teeth look longer
  • To change the shape of teeth
  • To straighten the tooth edge


How many appointments will I need for Edge Bonding?

Depending on the number of teeth requiring Edge Bonding treatment, this will normally be done in one appointment.

Anaesthetic is not always necessary as there is minimal drilling on your teeth. Your teeth will be carefully cleaned using our Airflow machine which removes any biofilm, staining and plaque, it is important for this stage as your Dental Therapist or Dentist will determine which shade of composite is required. The tooth requiring treatment will be isolated and a layering technique is used to build up the tooth as strong as possible. A light cure is used in between the layering stages to help strengthen the tooth restoration, once this is complete the tooth is then shaped to match the teeth either side providing you with a natural result.