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Do you suffer from missing and unsightly teeth, discomfort and frequent embarrassment? You could benefit from the closest thing to natural teeth in just one day!

Join us for an informative open evening on Monday 6th February 2017 and discover the facts about Same Day Teeth. Dr Liam McGrath will talk you through this revolutionary dental process and explain how we can completely transform your life in just one day.

If you attend the open evening in person and register or have registered with us, you will qualify for a free X-Ray consultation worth over £200.

Same Day Teeth is a revolutionary treatment that involves removing all remaining teeth in a single jaw and replacing them with an implant supported bridge: all on the same day.

It is usually the treatment of choice for those who have many failing or missing teeth and who want to avoid troublesome dentures.

It typically involves removing all remaining teeth, placing 4-6 dental implants and fitting a fixed implant supported bridge all on the same day.

This avoids having to wear dentures as a temporary phase during healing or having no teeth at all. This provisional bridge is replaced with a final acrylic or porcelain bridge typically 3-6 months later, once all healing is complete.

If you suffer from:

  • Uncomfortable dentures?
  • Failing crowns?
  • Fractured bridges?
  • Gum disease?
  • Loose teeth?
  • Missing teeth?

Then Same Day Teeth could be the perfect solution for you.

Our Same Day Teeth will:

  • Feel and look like natural teeth
  • Allow you to brush them like natural teeth
  • Allow you to eat where and what you like
  • Have no plastic plate
  • Transform your smile
  • Give you your confidence back
  • Raise your self esteem

All your pain, discomfort and embarrassment GONE in just one day! You walk out to begin a new life full of confidence and self esteem with a brand new smile!



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