Dr Liam McGrath

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GDC NO. 76322

Liam offers a range of treatment from general dentistry to more complex restorative work like same day teeth.

In 1994 I moved from Omagh in Northern Ireland to Liverpool to study dentistry. After a rigorous five year course I graduated and started my career working in general dentistry. I then went on to become a partner in an NHS practice before moving on to more advanced aesthetic dentistry such as veneers, crowns, smile makeovers and gum lifts.

Dentists never stop studying, and during my further training I met some peers who introduced me to dental implants. I was immediately struck by the quality of the results achieved and the truly transformative effect it had on the lives of patients. I knew I had found the area I wanted to specialise in. I travelled the world learning from the very best in implant dentistry, first training in Manchester before doing courses in New York, Florida and Virginia and then ended my studies back across the pond in Europe. I absorbed everything I could from leading dentists such as Dennis Tarnow, Maurice Salama, Michael Pikos and Tidu Mankoo, it really was an honour to have trained with them. Once I was confident in my ability and expertise, I opened my own referral practice to focus solely on implant dentistry. 

I have had the honour to become one of the select few awarded the highly acclaimed Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. I’ve gone on to perform over 4000 implants on more than 3000 patients and work collaboratively with dentists across the UK offering support, advice, training and referral services for single implants to CT guided surgery, treating terminal dentition's with immediate fixed restorations.

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