Who Says Adults Cannot Wear Braces

Let’s say goodbye to the stereotypical thoughts that only teenagers can wear braces! Adults can wear them too!

What is even better is that the typical ‘train track brace’ has been immensely improved over the years and at McGrath Dental, for patient’s over the age of 18 years, we can offer removable aligners (Adult Invisible Braces) and discreet tooth coloured fixed braces (Quick Straight Teeth).

Braces are devices used in Orthodontics that align and reposition teeth to help improve a person’s bite and/or appearance. Dental impressions are no longer needed as your treatment can be planned using our 3D Digital Scanner, see link below of a simulation video using our scanner:

Simulation videos are a great tool to show a patient their result before they have committed to treatment!


Aligners are removable braces, you can treat a single arch of teeth e.g. just the upper teeth or you can have upper and lower teeth treated at the same time (this is most commonly recommended for a better result). Aligners are most favourable as they are ‘invisible’ compared to our Quick Straight Teeth System. You can also enjoy the flexibility of your aligners being hidden from an untrained eye, making you feel less self-conscious when socialising or speaking in public. Aligners can fit around your lifestyle as you can take them out to eat or for special occasions (within reason).


This is a fixed brace system, they are discreet using tooth coloured brackets and wires (you do not need to worry about the previous metal ‘train track’ look). QST has been developed to work specifically on the front six to eight teeth allowing for quick results for a straighter smile.

We are currently offering up to £500 off Invisible Bracesexclusively with Dr Emma McKay until 28thSeptember 2018, call today to book your consultation on 0151 329 2888