New toothpaste ingredient could repair damaged teeth

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With so much sugar in the average modern day diet, toothpaste alone is not enough to protect your teeth adequately.

At Liam McGrath Cosmetic Dentistry we also recommend daily use of mouthwash and dental floss and, of course, regular visits to your dedicated dentist.

Brushing twice a day with toothpaste is clearly hugely important, however, and we are always keen to hear about the latest squeezy tubed innovations.

Toothpastes today make all sorts of claims, with rival brands trying to out-do each other in the whiter-than-the-whitest-thing-you-can-imagine stakes.

Their slick adverts baffle us with science and lure us in with dazzling graphics and often there is little to differentiate between products.

But there are signs of genuine advancement in the industry, which could soon help you to better look after your smile.

A new toothpaste ingredient called BioMinf is getting a lot of attention in dental circles right now. It can reportedly replace lost minerals in tooth enamel and prevent decay, as well as tackling sensitivity in teeth.

Toothpastes with BioMInF are said to release calcium, phosphate and fluoride ‘ions’, which then form fluorapatite – a mineral which can repair and strengthen tooth structure.

The slow release of fluoride has been identified to be particularly beneficial in prevention of tooth decay.

According to Prof Robert Hill, Chair of Dental Physical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London, “this breakthrough innovation could significantly reduce dental decay and also tooth sensitivity problems which are often experienced by people eating or drinking something cold”.

BioMInf is expected to be available on the UK high street within a matter of months. In the meantime, we will be investigating whether it could be genuinely beneficial to our clients.

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