How important is it to get your teeth whitened by professionals?

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Calls for tougher penalties on “rogue” beauticians offering teeth whitening services have been made in recent weeks as more and more people are exposed to dangerous substances and procedures.

The Local Government Association is also calling for a crackdown on traders of illegal teeth whitening kits.

It warns that some kits on the market could have as much as 300 times the legal limit of hydrogen peroxide, putting users at risk of burns and blisters.

According to reports, growing numbers of unqualified staff are carrying out whitening teeth procedures.

British Dental Association figures show that 32 people were prosecuted for such practices last year, but the organisation believes fines have been too small and that consequences need to be tougher.

Teeth whitening can be a fantastic way of rejuvenating your smile and restoring lost confidence or self-esteem. But the risks of undergoing the treatment using a cheap but illegal kit – or via an unqualified ‘professional’ – far outweigh the benefits.

If, however, the treatment is carried out by professionals at a highly qualified dental practice, the end result can have a hugely positive impact on people’s lives.

McGrath Cosmetic Dentistry is located in the Wirral offers a range of affordable teeth whitening services. Crucially, our services prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our patients, removing the risks that other teeth whitening options may carry. Our treatments also tend to be significantly more effective than DIY kits, which are often poor at removing stains.

For more information on our teeth whitening services click here, or call us on 0151 3292888.


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