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Are you aware of the impact your oral health can have on your heart?

Gum disease is known to be linked with various health conditions such as Strokes and Heart Attacks.

You may ask yourself, what is gum disease? Gum disease is caused from bacteria (plaque) building up on the tooth surface, above and under the gum. The tissue (periodontal ligaments) becomes inflamed  from the bacteria build up and the results of chronic gum inflammation can affect the bloodstream which links to your heart.

How can you improve your oral health and reduce gum disease?

  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and on one other occasion
  • When brushing, spit out any excess toothpaste and do not rinse, If using a fluoride toothpaste this will help to maintain fluoride concentration levels
  • Remove plaque effectively using methods shown by the dental team. This will prevent gingivitis (gum bleeding/redness) and reduces the risk of gum disease e.g. interdental cleaning using floss or tepe brushes
  • Ideally stop or reduce Smoking as this increases the risk of gum disease, reduces benefits of treatment and increases the chance of losing teeth
  • Patients with diabetes are also at greater risk of developing serious gum disease (periodontal disease) therefore regular dental examinations and hygiene appointments will
  • Regular dental examinations and hygiene appointments will help monitor your oral health status and will also allow us to educate you on recommended cleaning techniques

Start making changes today with the advice above!

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