Is flossing a waste of time?

man with dental floss

Flossing has long been recommended by us dentists as the silver bullet to a range of dental problems, like plaque build-up and gum disease.

For years, however, hard evidence that categorically tells us exactly how effective it really is has been in short supply.

This was highlighted in a recent press report which claimed to have uncovered little proof that flossing actually works.

The Associated Press report, which reviewed 25 studies from the past decade, concluded that the case for flossing was “weak and unreliable”.

Fridus van der Weijen, a periodontist who was involved in the study, said there was nothing to suggest that flossing and brushing is better than brushing alone.

The findings prompted the American Dental Association to staunchly stick up for flossing, saying it is “essential” in looking after teeth and gums.

As a dental clinic which aims to help our patients benefit from new advancements in dentistry, we keenly await any new research about flossing that might follow this story.

For now, we stand by the NHS’s official advice on flossing, in that it undoubtedly gets rid of debris between teeth that leads to plaque, that in turn can lead to gum disease.

Any new concrete evidence that suggests otherwise, will be taken on board and we will advise our patients accordingly.

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