Oh No… I Have a Dental Emergency!

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Have no fear, McGrath Dental is here!

As cheesy as that may sound, we are here to help you with not only your general dental care but also for emergency dental treatment.

For our existing patients we offer a 24-hour emergency telephone number, you will find this number via our practice voicemail when we are closed. You can text if you prefer, you will in safe hands with one of our Dentists ready to help you.

If you are a new patient to us, we certainly will not send you away; on the contrary… You may find with other dental practices that they will not see you as an emergency if you are not registered with them. At McGrath Dental we will work to the best of our ability to see you within 24 hours. Please bear in mind that an emergency fee of £54 will be required in addition of dental treatment completed.

What treatment is classed as an emergency?
When a tooth has been knocked out
When the position of a tooth has moved but has not been completely knocked out following trauma
Severe pain or swelling following trauma to the mouth
Severe dental bleeding e.g. following surgery such as dental implant treatment or tooth extraction
Sharp broken teeth

Don’t wait until you are in pain; if you are overdue your ‘checkup’ why not book your next dental examination for as little as £37 call us today on 0151 329 2888.

You talk, we listen…


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