Do you have a fear of going to the dentist?

Have you been putting off your well overdue ‘Checkup’ at the dentist?

Many people have a fear of the dentist and there are many reasons why. An unpleasant dental experience, a fear of needles, the sounds of the drill or maybe the clinical environment/smells. Just know that you are not alone.

Here at McGrath Dental we are highly experienced in supporting patients who may have a fear and there is no reprimand for not having visited a Dentist in a long time. We want to help you to overcome your anxieties and support you in maintaining/improving your oral health.

We are an empathetic team and will always go at your pace. Why not book an introductory appointment before your dental examination so we have time to show you around the practice, introduce you to some of the team and help you see what a friendly and caring environment we work in.  You can even bring a friend along with you for support. We will only ask you to sit in the dental chair if you feel comfortable to do so.

Please do not be embarrassed if you have a fear of visiting the Dentist, we want to help you over come your anxieties and put you at ease when you visit us. You talk, we listen.

Tips to help you overcome your dental fears:

  • Come in and visit our practice first, meet some of the team to help put you at ease
  • Early appointments in the day mean that you are less likely to cancel the appointment
  • At your dental examination appointment, our experienced Dental Therapists/Dentists will only be looking in your mouth with a mirror and probe, which is great as it means no drills or needles 😊
  • Always let a member of the team know that you are anxious as we will discretely inform any staff relevant to your appointment(s)
  • If you are having treatment and wish for the Dental Therapist/ Dentist to stop what they are doing, just pop your hand up and they will do so
  • Plenty of patients request to listen to specific music and it helps keep them calm, or they will bring headphones in to block out any sounds
  • We have an anaesthetist visit the practice regularly meaning that we can offer complex treatments to be done under sedation (this needs to be booked in advance)
  • Regular check up and hygiene appointments are advised to help you prevent needing complex treatments, we can always demonstrate correct toothbrushing techniques so that you are maintaining your oral health to the best of your ability

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Please call 0151 329 2888 if you would like to book your dental examination or an introductory visit to our practice.



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