Smile survey reveals surprising results

man with toothbrush and toothpaste

Did you know that two thirds of people have less respect for a boss with poor oral hygiene?

Or that a quarter of us believe electric toothbrushes are for lazy people, even though battery-powered brushing is proven to be more effective at plaque removal?

Other eye-opening factoids released by the Oral Health Foundation to mark National Smile Month (16th May to 16th June) include the worrying statistic that apparently one in five people think fluoride is a marketing gimmick.

This is despite pretty weighty evidence showing that fluoride can actually reduce dental decay by at least 40 per cent.

The National Dental Survey also found that earrings, business cards, matchsticks and screwdrivers are just some of the things we use to pick our teeth.

Meanwhile, despite its obvious teeth-damaging properties, chocolate was named far and away the food that makes us smile the most, ahead of a Sunday roast, curry and fry-up.

The report also gives us plenty of motivation to smile. The majority (61%) of those questioned said they have been attracted to somebody by their smile alone.

Also, it takes just 17 muscles to smile, compared to the 43 muscles needed to frown.

Other trends to emerge include the suggestion that half of us brush our tongue when cleaning our teeth. This is good news since cleaning your tongue can remove bacteria from your mouth.

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