Five facts about invisible braces from McGrath Dental

model covering her mouth to conceal her teeth

If you have crooked teeth, worries about unsightly metal braces may have so far deterred you from getting them fixed.

Perhaps the impact of your new metallic smile on your job or social life may also be playing on your mind.

Well it’s time to get with the times and stop suffering in silence with all the problems that come with misaligned teeth. It’s time to go invisible! Here’s why:

Truly invisible

Invisible braces are undetectable to the untrained eye, unlike their metal predecessors.


For some patients, they are available as a removable appliance, meaning you can take a break from process of straightening and aligning your teeth for meals or special occasions.


Clear orthodontics use highly advanced technology which enables them to complete the job of straightening teeth in a much shorter amount of time than their metal counterparts.


Straightening teeth can have a much greater impact than just making smiles more aesthetically pleasing. A misaligned bite causes food to get trapped and plaque to build up on the teeth, which in turn leads to decay. Fixing crooked teeth can dramatically improve your oral health.

Not just for kids

According to the British Orthodontic Society, new technologies and methods mean that more adults than ever now want the orthodontic treatment that they missed out on as children.

So why not join them by contacting 0151 329 02888 today?


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