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Advised for several years nothing could be done to help but McGrath Dental have worked miracles and given me my life back.

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Excellent in everything, Liam and all his staff are highly professional and welcoming making a visit for treatment a joy rather than a terrifying experience.

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The greatest treatments and care I have ever had from a dentist- kept me informed and was so gentle doing my fillings.

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Excellent treatment completely pain free thank you Danielle and Aimee.

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Can’t think of anything other than I am so pleased with the new teeth, the treatment throughout was excellent thank you Liam and your team.

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I cannot praise this practice highly enough. The Staff are excellent very friendly and professional and I am a nervous patient but feel confident with therapist and dentist. The receptionist Kate is a joy to be welcomed by- five-star service.

J. Hesketh

I am so pleased with the new teeth and the treatment throughout was excellent. Thank you Liam and your team.

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I am impressed with the care and treatment I am given and how friendly the staff are.

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This is an wonderful, caring practice. I have felt cared for and relaxed throughout my treatment, as I am a nervous patient and felt the care was exemplary. Thank You.

J. E. Tworney

I was really struggling to eat with a small denture (two teeth). I felt very self conscious about smiling, thinking that people could see the denture. So I came to see Liam. He was so kind, informative and gentle. I confided all my doubts to him, then put myself in his very capable hands. The… Read more “J. E. Tworney”

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Thank you doesn’t seem enough to express how grateful I am for your caring attitude and expertise in giving me back my smile. I feel so much more confident now and looking forward to a smiley future.

S. Williams

I had my final implanted bridge fitted last week and am very pleased with it. I wish to thank you and your team for the friendly, caring attention I received throughout. See you soon for the lowers.

M. Grillson

Liam and Staff, Thank you so much for your care and attention and my lovely ‘new teeth’.

D. Andrews, N. Wales

I am 100 % happy with the treatment I received from you, I was treated with respect and dignity by all the staff. I was informed and involved with my treatment planning and would recommend you to friends and family. It is an amazing place, you have given me a smile I cannot stop using!… Read more “D. Andrews, N. Wales”

Phil A

It was my 1st visit today and just wanted to say thank you and what a really nice set of people made me so welcome and so relaxed and happy.

Carol, aged 57

Dear Liam I am really delighted in my new implants. When I first came to your practice I did not believe there was a lot you could do for me but at the time you explained in detail what the journey entailed. I am amazed at your skills as a cosmetic surgeon, also from what… Read more “Carol, aged 57”


Liam was recommended by a colleague because I’d been going to a dentist that I felt didn’t really understand what my problems were.

Stephen D, age 53

Dear Liam Just to say how delighted I am with the dental treatment and denture that you have made for me. Having had my upper removed 3 years ago and a denture made by another practice, I found I couldn’t tolerate it even though several adjustments were made. I had not worn any dentures for… Read more “Stephen D, age 53”

Myra B, aged 69

Dear Liam Words will never convey my true feelings but a sincere thank you to yourself and the team for your life changing work in my mouth. Not only has there been a 100% improvement cosmetically, but, my mouth has never been so comfortable for many years. I can’t put into words how grateful and… Read more “Myra B, aged 69”

Christine C, aged 67

Dear Liam I will never be able to thank you for the wonderful work you have carried out on my behalf. You always promised me that I would be able to eat and talk but, far more importantly, you will probably never understand how you have saved my sanity. You have finally cured me of… Read more “Christine C, aged 67”

Steve F, aged 54

Dear all Teeth great, got a franchise in “Kentucky” now!!! Thank you, it has been a life changer

Doreen H, aged 56

Dear Liam & Staff Thank you so much, I can’t thank you enough! You’ve given me my confidence back and smile! Didn’t think it would ever happen, very much appreciated!

Alison P, aged 67

Dear Liam Just a line to say a big thank you yet again for my superb treatment. I know I’m such a pain but you still make life easier for me. You know I can’t THANK YOU enough for changing my life (even if I have put weight on!). I never thought I would say,… Read more “Alison P, aged 67”

Rita A, aged 70

A special note for you Liam Everyone said it was painless and not to worry- I didn’t believe them-How can it be? Well now that I have the wonder of “teeth” again I can tell you it was quick and I didn’t feel a thing. No know worrying about my dentures coming loose and always… Read more “Rita A, aged 70”

Julie C, aged 45

Dear Liam, Thank you all so much for giving me a new “smile”. I am absolutely delighted with the results, everyone comments on how nice my teeth are, Liam you are brilliant, thank you

Andrea J, aged 39

Dear Liam & Team Thank you soooooo much for all the outstanding care & support you have given me! The results are amazing-Can’t stop smiling! (Got years of catching up to do!!) LOL!! Thanks again guys.

Irene S, aged 77

  To Liam For all the care and support you have given me during my treatment of which I am delighted with the end result. Also to thank all your staff for being so nice in helping me to relax when I was so nervous.  

Bev B, aged 42

To Liam And all the team. Thank you so very much. You have given me a cause to smile Lots and Lots!!!


My whole life has completely changed from the very day my new teeth were fitted. I had no pain or swelling and was even biting a sandwich for the first time in 20 years on the evening of my surgery. I look and feel fantastic. Thanks you all so much for everything you have done… Read more “M.T”

Penny R, aged 72

Dear Liam & staff Thank you for all your care and attention on my long journey to my wonderful set of top teeth. I thought I was going to be stuck with that horrible plate forever. Your confidence in the final picture kept me coming back. I am delighted with my new “straight” smile. thanks… Read more “Penny R, aged 72”

Helen T, aged 47

Liam Without your politeness, patience, trying to have a sense of humour and of course your fabulous taste in music, I would never have got through it!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

Beryl H, aged 72

Dear Liam I would like to thank you so much for giving me the confidence to go ahead with the implants and veneers. I am delighted with the results – my teeth loom fantastic. My particular thanks for being so understanding, as I am sure I am one of your most nervous and enquiring patients… Read more “Beryl H, aged 72”

Carol M, aged 42

What can I say: thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Liam, you are amazing, you have made me smile again and I cant stop. I am so proud of my teeth. My treatment from beginning to end was outstanding & you always put me at ease when I was terrified & you made me overcome… Read more “Carol M, aged 42”