Case Studies

Patient Presents

Initially when the patient came to visit Liam, he said he was embarrassed to eat in front of others as the lower denture was uncomfortable and would slide around. The patient was wanted to treat his upper teeth at the same time.

Patient explained he wanted a solution not involving a denture and Knew that all of his teeth were failing due to gum disease.

The upper teeth presented old crowns, missing teeth, chipped teeth, and gum recession.

The lower teeth, you can see there were only two teeth remaining and used a lower partial denture.


  • Lower 4 central teeth were extracted and after successful healing they were replaced with two implants and one bridge supporting 4 teeth
  • All upper teeth were extracted, on the same day 4 implants were placed and a temporary full arch bridge was fitted. Six months later after the healing phase was complete, a final fixed bridge was made giving a fantastic result!

Patient presents

Patient felt self conscious about her teeth as one upper tooth in particular protruded and were not straight. The patient is also a smoker and therefore had staining on her teeth which she wanted lifting. With regard to previous dental treatment, this patient had not had any excessive treatment only a few small fillings.

The patient wanted her teeth to be straightened and whitened to help with her self esteem. We had to ensure the patient was fully aware of the risks of smoking with the treatment proposed to her.


The patient agreed to upper and lower fixed braces using a system called ‘Quick Straight Teeth’, the tooth was protruding on the top was contoured to match the opposing teeth. Once the orthodontic treatment was completed; we took upper and lower impressions to make bleaching trays so the patient could whiten her teeth at her own leisure and to the shading of her preference.

This patient has now completed her treatment and as you can see from the before and after pictures, she has a straighter, brighter smile.

As a result of orthodontic treatment, this patient has been advised to have a fixed retainer on the back of her teeth to help keep the teeth in their new position and also wears a removable retainer of an evening.

Q & A with patient: 

Q: What were your dental concerns before starting treatment?
A: How long it would take, would it be painful, would I look silly with braces on at 25.

Q: Now that you have completed treatment, are you happy with your current dental status?
A: I am very happy that I went ahead with the treatment I no longer feel self conscious of my teeth.
During treatment whilst I had the braces on they were so unnoticeable and not painful that I felt at ease
the whole time, I couldn’t believe what a difference I could see in such a short time just wish I had done
it sooner!!

Q: Why did you choose McGrath Dental?
A: Getting my teeth straightened was something I had wanted to do for years, I chose McGrath dental
due to reviews and how much at ease everyone within the practice made me feel from day one

Patient presents:

This patient was dismissed by previous dentists for treatment. This patient was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth, particularly her front teeth as they were discoloured, she also has an upper central tooth missing and a bridge in place to fill the gap. There were also a number of fillings which were failing and bone loss.


We have changed this patients smile and confidence, she is still undergoing treatment but so far she has received a combination of new crowns, bridge and white fillings.


I lost my front tooth back in 2000 due to an accident which I believe had an impact on surrounding teeth. I had a denture due to being so young which was changed twice in 2 years. I got a more permanent denture in 2006 which I had up until 2017. I had visited the dentist regularly and had multiple fillings. When I changed dentists I was told the majority of my fillings were placed unnecessarily which began my lack of trust towards the dentist. I was unhappy with the treatment I was given at my NHS dentist and began to attend appointments less. By 2015 my confidence was at rock bottom and I never smiled. My teeth were discoloured, crooked and I was aware I needed a lot of treatment but due to my lack of confidence and trust in dentists I feared going back. I decided to go private in 2017 and chose Mcgrath Dental due to positive reviews online. Although it was over an hour away I decided to take the first step. I was given a treatment plan and the work was completed within a couple of months. It is the best thing I ever did. I just wish I had the confidence to go years ago. I am extremely happy with the outcome and best of all, I am smiling again. I am so happy I chose Mcgrath Dental. All the staff are friendly, welcoming and genuinely care about giving you the best possible treatment. Thank you.

Patient presented:

This patient was referred to our practice for the consideration of “Same Day Teeth” treatment, she had undergone periodontal treatment over a number of years with regular three monthly hygienist appointments however, her upper arch and lower front teeth were still mobile as a result of gum disease. This patient had already researched and was aware that she wanted a fixed upper implant bridge as apposed to wearing a removable denture.


After a thorough investigation this patient was deemed suitable for upper “Same Day Teeth” however, before the upper teeth were treated Dr. Liam treated the lower front teeth first by extracted the lower 4 front teeth and replaced them initially with a temporary bridge in between the lower gums healing; the upper Same Day Teeth treatment was conducted and eventually to replace the lower temporary bridge; 2 implants were placed with a 4 unit bridge.


“I can’t stop smiling! Cliché I know but it’s true! The transformation has been life changing all thanks to Liam and the team. I’m very proud of what I’ve personally been through as it not been easy but I’m so glad that I picked up the phone to book my first consultation. If you’re reading this in a similar position, remember I’ve been there, my advice is be brave and book in today the results are truly
amazing! I now have healthy gums and a beautiful smile!”