Multiple Implant Study

Implant Retained Dentures

The single most life changing treatment I provide is this. 2 implants to retain a lower denture will completely change our patients function and confidence. This is a very straightforward and predictable treatment, available for basically every patient who presents. Due to the anatomy and quantity of bone in the upper arch it is usually preferable to use upper implant retained bridges rather than dentures.

By using dental implants we can eliminate the problems associated with traditional dentures. These include looseness, sore spots, trapped food and embarrassing denture slippages. In addition the biting force is increased resulting in a more natural bite.

Implant supported dentures can provide a long-lasting, reliable and stable replacement when cared for properly and will increase your confidence in eating and smiling.


Sue, a 60 year old lady, came to see me for advice for her failing upper teeth.



She had been losing her teeth one-by-one over several years and had noticed her remaining teeth were loose and eating had become very difficult. She would never smile and would cover her mouth with her hand every time her teeth were on show. Following a thorough examination, it was concluded that she suffered from chronic gum disease and did indeed need to loose her remaining upper teeth. As she was already wearing a lower denture she was willing to consider upper and lower dentures. It was agreed to remove her remaining teeth and provide her with initially provisional dentures that would be replaced with an upper aesthetic conventional denture and a lower implant retained denture.

Stage 1



All remaining upper and lower teeth were removed and provisional dentures made. 6 weeks after extractions a new panoral radiograph was taken to assess the quality and quantity of bone available for 2 implants in the canine regions.

Stage 2



2 implants were placed in the lower canine regions 8 weeks after initial extractions. 2 months were left to allow integration of the implants.

Stage 3



Upper and lower aesthetic dentures were carefully constructed. Locators were used to attach the implants to the new lower denture, 10 weeks after the implants were placed.

The lower denture is obviously removable and patients are expected to remove the daily to ensure hygiene is adequate.

Treatment summary

Upper conventional and lower implant retained dentures is the most common treatment plan I provide. This is a treatment any dentist can become involved with and with although basic implant training is needed. Our Synergy Training Programme provides dentists with the knowledge and ability to open a completely new treatment option for your patient.