Case Studies

Patient Presents

Initially when the patient came to visit Liam, he said he was embarrassed to eat in front of others as the lower denture was uncomfortable and would slide around. The patient was wanted to treat his upper teeth at the same time.

Patient explained he wanted a solution not involving a denture and Knew that all of his teeth were failing due to gum disease.

The upper teeth presented old crowns, missing teeth, chipped teeth, and gum recession.

The lower teeth, you can see there were only two teeth remaining and used a lower partial denture.


Patient agreed to the same day teeth treatment, this concluded of extracted all remaining teeth and on the same day placing four upper and four lower implants to support temporary upper and lower bridges.

This case is now complete and in the final picture you can see the final fixed bridges (upper and lower), creating a happy smile with no embarrassment when chewing or talking.


Patient presents

Patient felt self conscious about her teeth as one upper tooth in particular protruded and were not straight. The patient is also a smoker and therefore had staining on her teeth which she wanted lifting. With regard to previous dental treatment, this patient had not had any excessive treatment only a few small fillings.

The patient wanted her teeth to be straightened and whitened to help with her self esteem. We had to ensure the patient was fully aware of the risks of smoking with the treatment proposed to her.


The patient agreed to upper and lower fixed braces using a system called ‘Quick Straight Teeth’, the tooth was protruding on the top was contoured to match the opposing teeth. Once the orthodontic treatment was completed; we took upper and lower impressions to make bleaching trays so the patient could whiten her teeth at her own leisure and to the shading of her preference.

This patient has now completed her treatment and as you can see from the before and after pictures, she has a straighter, brighter smile.

As a result of orthodontic treatment, this patient has been advised to have a fixed retainer on the back of her teeth to help keep the teeth in their new position and also wears a removable retainer of an evening.